Services - what we offer

Below are a range of services we provide.
These can be tailored and adapted to suit the requirements of the company.
If you would like to find out more about a particular service or course, please get in contact.

All training is carried out by licenced trainers.
We can train in-house if preferred.

An Introductory Course in Food Hygiene


This is a three-hour course that covers the very basics of food safety, personal hygiene and bacteria control. The course can help everyone from entry-level food workers to experienced caterers. Using hand-outs, slides and film, it provides insights and awareness in basic food safety and an understanding of HACCP and how to meet the basic legislative requirements. We can provide hand-outs in many languages, but as the course is interactive it does require a basic understanding of spoken English.


Level 2 food safety and HACCP


We offer two approved courses at this level. “Primary Food Safety” – certified by the Environmental Health Association of Ireland or “Food Safety and HACCP” certified by the Food Safety Professionals Association can both be given over eight hours in either one day, two half days or three shorter sessions. They both have a one-hour exam that must be completed successfully to achieve certification. There are subtle differences between the courses, but both are excellent and meet the set criteria. One of these courses is considered the minimum requirement for food handlers such as chefs and catering assistants. All courses require a reasonable fluency in English to be successful, but it is possible for the exam to be taken orally for those with poor literacy skills.

2 Stars

HACCP Management – Mapped to FSAI level 3

Food Group

HACCP Management – Mapped to FSAI level 3 is the Food Safety Professionals course and is run over two and a half days. There is a ninety minute exam at the end, which must be passed to achieve certification. It is a practical common-sense course that breaks down the food safety management system and shows clearly how a busy catering business can and must implement a day to day food safety management system to meet all the legislative requirements in a realistic manner. Ideal for senior chefs, supervisors and managers. Home study is required to ensure success.

3 Stars

HACCP Works – Food safety Management for food businesses

Food Group

HACCP Works – Food safety Management for food businesses is a QQI level 6 course. It is a very detailed four-day course and focusses on the procedures for setting up a comprehensive HACCP system. It is well suited for those with good academic ability as well as extensive experience in the food industry. Ideal for those working in the food manufacturing industry, but also senior managers and head chefs. It requires home study as well as course work to succeed in this course. A project must be completed and returned within thirty days of course completion. It is challenging, but very rewarding and will give a strong foundation for those in charge of setting up and upgrading food safety management systems. These management courses require fluency in English and a reasonable academic level to achieve a successful outcome.

3 Stars


Food Group

Our allergen course is of two hours duration and explains clearly what allergens are and why we need to control them. It explains the differences between allergens, food intolerance and food sensitivity. Shows what types of foods are likely to cause potential problems and how to recognise, understand and control those foods which have the potential to cause problems for allergen sufferers. The course deals with new legislative requirements and how we can meet these requirements while working in busy environments and how to handle known allergens safely.

3 Stars

Understanding and implementing H.A.C.C.P. in the workplace


This practical course is aimed at taking the mystery out of H.A.C.C.P. and explains hazard analysis in a simple and accessible manner. The course is aimed at experienced and trained food workers. It is four hours long and provides those attending with a practical and useful tool for the maintenance and upgrading of any food safety system.

Refresher Courses


Refresher and specialist courses can be tailored to meet the needs of any food business or situation. Perhaps labelling legislation, speciality processes such as “sous vide” or any other variances or upgrades that you might require. Food is your business, it is our business also.

Other Services


We provide a comprehensive service for planning, implementing and upgrading HACCP in the work place. We can draw up a HACCP plan to suit any business of any scale from large five star hotels or major hospitals to small takeaways, cake shops or hot dog stands and everything in between. Our chief consultant and trainer, has thirty years practical experience in the food business and is familiar with all aspects of the industry. No project is too big or too small. We can provide a full food safety management system that meets legislative requirements and is manageable to operate and maintain. We can advise on and upgrade existing systems also. We can train in-house staff to upgrade and maintain the system once it is installed. We also offer a consultancy service and can advise new and existing businesses on kitchen design, menu planning, food sourcing, supplier auditing and general monitoring.



How are you sure that your business is meeting the requirements of food safety legislation? How do you plan a strategy to improve the food safety of the business in a practical and structured fashion? You cannot successfully move forward until you are sure that your business is on a firm foundation and that you are meeting all current requirements. This can be achieved by initiating regular audits. These can in effect be used as an early warning system that something is not up to standard, or that there are areas that need improving. We carry out in-depth audits which monitor your HACCP plan, record keeping, training, hygiene, staff hygiene, structural hygiene and operational hygiene. In this way you have a comprehensive snapshot of the business that allows a realistic assessment of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. The audit covers the same areas as an inspection from environmental health. The difference is that the results are private and confidential. They identify what you are doing well as well as what is going wrong. They allow a strategy for improvements to be implemented that will prioritise those areas in immediate need and those areas that require more long-term solutions. Having regular in-house audits, informs staff of what standards are expected and required. What to expect from an Environmental Health inspection and how to answer questions relating to procedures and processes of the business. Companies can file the reports to show steady improvements and ongoing commitment to food safety.