About Us


HACCPSOLUTIONS was founded in 2003. Since then it has become one of the leading food safety companies in Ireland. This is because we are commited to the success of our training and consultancy. The job is not finished until the clients needs are fully met.

Charles Comerford is the managing director and chief trainer of HACCPSOLUTIONS. He has over thirty years experience at all levels in the food industry. You will find his practical, hands-on approach very refreshing. With his understanding of the legal requirements of food operators as well as an awareness of the costs and difficulties faced by food businesses, you will find him the ideal support for any catering business. Training courses are clear and interesting, keeping learners motivated and focussed. He works with several highly qualified associates and between them they can provide you with a service that is friendly, efficient and value for money.

Charles is a member of the Food Safety Professionals Association.

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